Parcel JK is a 430,000 square-foot, 9-story science and technology building with ground floor retail that is being constructed as a ground-up core and shell structure. CX is currently seeking out and reviewing potential tenants for this state-of-the-art building. 

Winter 2017 - 2018

  • Concrete pours of the mat slab foundation complete.
  • Structural steel will begin to be erected from the bottom level, up to the top level. 

Spring 2018

  • MEP’s (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and elevators will begin to be installed.
  • Exterior walls will begin to be installed, followed by the roofing system
  • Interior finishes will begin.

Construction update - week of August 6, 2018

Please refer to the map to identify the areas outlined in the update below.

Building JK –

  • Steel operations will continue.
  • The north tower crane will be in service until this Fall.
  • Sheeting operations for parcel EF will continue. Noise and vibrations may be created by this activity.
  • Please note – Concrete operations will continue, work may continue past 6:00 pm due to unforeseen conditions or concrete finishing needs. We do not anticipate this work to be disruptive.

Site Work –

  • Utilities will continue to be installed within the project site. (1)

Pump Station - 

  • Waterproofing activities have been completed, and backfilling will commence in the coming weeks. (3)

Water Street / MOB Highway  -

  • The sewer force main work will continue on Water Street beyond the entrance to the Hampton Inn.  This work will continue at the intersection Monsignor O’Brien Highway (MOB) intersection, then will proceed across the street.
  • Please note, this work may be halted until August 11th due to the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge project.
  • In addition to the force main work, separate crews have started work on MOB. This work is anticipated to last through the fall and will include the creation of bike lanes, upgraded signalization and new crosswalks.  Click here for more information.

Cambridge Crossing Common –

  • Work will continue in various areas throughout the Commons. Temporary fencing and pedestrian restrictions will be in place on the East end of the Common, but the park will remain open. (2)

*Please note –

  • The GLX green line project has mobilized to the site. The Divco project teams are coordinating with them regularly but their work is independent from Cambridge Crossing.


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