Lechmere Construction Activities


DivcoWest working with the City of Cambridge, will be responsible for installing a new storm water utility in an effort to improve storm water management in the area.  McCourt Construction is the contractor for this project and CSL Consulting will be assisting with neighborhood communication and logistics. The project involves the construction of a new 30-inch reinforced concrete pipe to convey stormwater runoff from the adjacent re-development of Monsignor O’Brien Highway (MOB) to the Lechmere Canal. A 30-inch pipe will be constructed from Monsignor O’Brien Highway through the park to the Lechmere Canal retaining wall. A 3-foot X 3-foot box culvert will then extend approximately 32-feet beyond the retaining wall into the Lechmere Canal. The system will be owned and maintained by the City of Cambridge. Beginning on Monday June 4th, the contractor will begin preparing the site and disassembling the park artwork. 

The first phase of construction work is scheduled to begin around the second week of June to install the new outfall structure in the canal. After that, we will be installing the remaining culvert to MOB. Work hours for this limited work will be 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday.  When construction work is taking place, police details will be present to assist with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. We expect this work to be completed by the Fall of this year. .

The project team intends to make every effort to communicate construction activities and any potential disruptions to the area stakeholders. If there are questions comments or concerns, we ask that you contact our project representatives at our Construction Hotline – 617- 866-8971 or you can email them directly at mitigation@csl-consulting.com .  Please also contact us to sign up for regular project updates.