Construction update - week of January 20, 2019

Building JK (1)

  • Interior tenant and retail fit-outs will continue to take place. 
  • Tenant move-ins will be ongoing for the next several weeks. Designated sidewalks and roads are open to tenants and the general public.
  • Installation of the retail and tenant storefront will continue on Level 1.
  • An increased pedestrian presence will be noticed around the site as tenants continue to move in and utilize the pedestrian walkways, vehicular roadways, and bike lanes.
  • Fit-outs will take place on Level 2, Level 8, and Level 9.

Site EF (2)

  • Excavation activities and hauling of materials off-site is ongoing.
  • The Cross lot at Level 2 will be prepared for bracing.

Site G (3)

  • Structural steel framing will continue to be erected on the West side of the building.
  • Steel deliveries are ongoing.
  • Slab on deck work is ongoing. Concrete placements will begin to take place this week, with finishing activities that may continue after hours.
  • Foundation waterproofing will continue.
  • Backfilling and support of excavation (SOE) activities will occur near the south foundation wall.
  • Temporary electrical power distribution is ongoing.
  • Conduit and junction boxes will be installed at the below grade parking levels for permanent lighting.

Site I (4)

  • Concrete pile deliveries to the site will continue.
  • Pile driving is ongoing.

Site H (5)

  • Grading activities will continue.
  • The tower crane will be fully operational moving forward.
  • Installation of waterproofing is ongoing.
  • Removal of bracing will occur.
  • Foundation walls will continue to be constructed on the East side.

Site W (6)

  • Hardscaping activities, exterior facade work, and interior finishes are ongoing.
  • Interior fit out work will continue on the South Building.
  • A concrete pour is tentatively scheduled to take place on Tuesday, January 21st on the South Building, which will require a pump truck to be on North First Street.

Site Q1 (7)

  • Steel work is ongoing.
  • Underground utility work will begin this week.

Cambridge Crossing Common (8)

  • Site activities have slowed down for the winter months. 

Pump Station (9)

  •  Well and pit activities are ongoing. 

Monsignor O’Brien Highway

  • Granite curbing will be installed in various locations.
  • Traffic conduit work will occur at the Third Street intersection.
  • Excavation for test pits will take place, as well as excavation and installation of the drain pipe.

Lechmere Canal

  • Excavation is ongoing for installation of the drainage system.
  • Backfilling and compacting activities will take place for the manhole drain.

*Please note

  • The GLX green line project has mobilized to the site. The Divco project teams are coordinating with them regularly but their work is independent from Cambridge Crossing. 

CX Commons


the future of the commons

CX Commons

Work is just picked back up after being on hold for the winter months. Current activities include landscaping and plantings. 

The work on the Common will take place in more areas outside of the West End.

  • The picnic areas will be constructed this year.
  • Fences will be moved further inward towards the main Common Area as well as a portion towards Child Street.
  • Once the fences have been relocated, excavation activity will commence.
  • There are multiple phases planned for this years’ operations that will require different fence configurations.  
  • Construction activities and access will occur within the construction sites.
  • As work areas are complete, more areas of the Common will be opened to the public.

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