Construction update - week of March 25, 2019

Building JK

  • Exterior glass installation is progressing around the building.
  • Interior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues.
  • Interior core work and fit-outs will take place.

Site EF

  •  Work in this area is currently on hold. 

Site G

  • Installation of 1st level bracing will continue. 

Site H

  • Installation of sheeting will take place at the north side of the site.
  • Pre-trenching operations will continue.
  • Excess soil will be removed to bring the site to grade. 
  • Sheeting operations will take place on Saturday, March 23rd.

General Site Work

  •   Site work is substantially complete. (1) 

Cambridge Crossing Commons

  • Work is this area is currently on hold until the spring. (2)  

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