Construction update - week of May 20, 2019

Building JK (1)

  • Exterior glass installation is progressing around the building.
  • Interior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues.
  • Interior core work and fit-outs will take place.
  • Installation of curbing and landscaping activities will continue.

Site EF (2)

  • Pre-excavation for piles will continue to take place.

Site G (3)

  • Installation of 2nd level bracing will continue. 
  • Excavation will continue as bracing is installed.

Site I (4)

  •  Removal of surcharge material will take place. 

Site H (5)

  • Installation of piles is ongoing.
  • Excavation and off site hauling of materials will begin this week.
  • Internal bracing of the sheeting continues.
    • The Murphy Stair and elevator have re-opened as of May 16th.

Site W (6)

  • Excavation activities are ongoing.
  • Foundation forming and installation of rebar are ongoing.
  • Intermittent concrete pours will take place.
  • Steel deliveries and mobilization and erection of the crane will begin on Monday and continue for several weeks. Trucks will occasionally be staged on North First Street.

Site Work (7)

  •  Site work is substantially complete.  

Cambridge Crossing Common (8)

  • Landscaping activities will continue to take place.
  • Installation of stone and wood will continue for the boardwalks and landforms.
  • Soils will be placed in various locations dependent on dry weather.

Pump Station (9)

  • Installation of underground utilities will take place.
  • The site will be brought up to grade as backfilling activities are ongoing.
  • Installation of piping will continue in the valve pit.

*Please note

The GLX green line project has mobilized to the site. The Divco project teams are coordinating with them regularly but their work is independent from Cambridge Crossing.  

CX Commons


the future of the commons

CX Commons

Work is just picked back up after being on hold for the winter months. Current activities include landscaping and plantings. 

The work on the Common will take place in more areas outside of the West End.

  • The picnic areas will be constructed this year.
  • Fences will be moved further inward towards the main Common Area as well as a portion towards Child Street.
  • Once the fences have been relocated, excavation activity will commence.
  • There are multiple phases planned for this years’ operations that will require different fence configurations.  
  • Construction activities and access will occur within the construction sites.
  • As work areas are complete, more areas of the Common will be opened to the public.

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